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Your first day with Howdy

Howdy is a tool that can be used to automate all kinds of information gathering tasks for your team! Use Howdy to run scripts with your teammates. We included our default checkin to get you started, but you can train Howdy to learn a custom script that gets the info you need.

When you run a script with Howdy, the bot will go and collect answers in a direct message to participants at their convenience!

When all available participants' answers have been collected, Howdy will display the responses in the channel in which you initiated the meeting. You will also receive a link to view the responses on the web.

Introduce Howdy to your team

All members of your team can use Howdy's features to run, create and schedule scripts. People can talk to Howdy as they would any other Slack user, either in a DM or publicly in a channel (with a @howdy mention).

You will need to invite Howdy to your channels to have responses delivered publicly in the channel. You can also use Howdy in private channels as well, provided that you invite the bot to that channel first.

If you want to be sure everyone knows what the new member of your team is for, you can post this message to your channel:

Hey! I recently installed @howdy to help our team with information gathering. If you want to learn more about what Howdy does, check out this link:

Integrate Howdy with in-person meetings

Use Howdy for time-saving information gathering before the start of a meeting. If you have a recurring in-person meeting, such as a daily standup, you can train your bot to gather talking points and other bits of info before the meeting starts.

Schedule your script to run 30 minutes before your meeting, with an end time of 5 minutes before. This will give people time to answer and review the team's responses before the meeting begins, so the team can kick off the meeting with the information it needs!

Create a customized meeting for your team

Start customizing Howdy right away by saying @howdy train. Using train allows you to create a custom script that fits your team's needs.

The bot will ask you to enter some questions you'd like it to ask your team, then allow you to give this script a name. You can then use that script as often as you like, or even schedule it to run automatically at a certain time!

Set up an automatic, daily team meeting with Howdy

  • Use train to teach your bot with a new set of questions
  • Say schedule to choose a script to schedule
  • Choose the meeting's participants, either users or a channel
  • When prompted, choose daily to run the script on weekdays
  • Select a time for Howdy to run the script

You're all set! If you need to edit the schedule or where the report is delivered, you can do so from the Howdy Dashboard.

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