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Howdy for PM's

Digital assistant for project managers

Howdy is a helpful assistant for busy project managers, especially those working with teams spread across multiple locations. You can train Howdy to ask team members customized questions regarding their work, then set the bot in motion. Team members can answer at their convenience, and the bot will do the busywork of collating, documenting and storing the answers.

Howdy saves you time by taking over repetitive information-moving tasks that often plague project managers. By using Howdy, you create a record of your team's activity that can be used for post-mortem reviews, process improvements, and report generation.

Capture and organize information from your team

Combine the training and scheduling features to automatically collect customized status updates, feedback and other information from your team on a regular basis. Set it and forget it - the bot will take perfect notes and store them properly every time so you never lose a detail, over time building a queryable record of your team’s work.

Have better meetings

Spend less of your team’s valuable face-to-face time organizing and exchanging information, and more time making decisions and taking action. A Howdy-powered meeting means team members use their brains to solve problems instead of give updates.

Automate your processes

Don’t spend your time doing something a robot can do. Let a robot do it for you! Howdy’s scripting system can be used to develop and deploy custom commands and processes to streamline your team.

Improve visibility and accountability

Get regular, private feedback from your team. Search, filter and query that information for a detailed view of how it evolves over time. Howdy will help you build a knowledge base and a history of how your team really works.