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The Howdy Script Editor

The script editor provides a visual roadmap to what your script will actually look like as it is being run in Slack. Furthermore, it provides the ability to edit existing scripts and modify settings for long running scripts based on changing needs for your team.

You can edit all your scripts by visiting your dashboard and clicking on the scripts tab.


This editor expands on the basic premise of the Slack based Howdy trainer but allows a new option beyond simply asking questions, as now you can express a statement or direction during the flow of your conversation.

In the future we will be introducing other options, but currently Howdy can have meetings with a mixture of questions and statements, or you can have Howdy just broadcast a series of statements on a schedule.

Using the + and x icons, you can add and remove lines to your script, and type in the bottom text input to append your script as needed.

Note: Nothing is overwritten in your editor until you click save, and nothing can be restored either, so tread carefully, and consider working with a cloned script when making major changes.

Script Info

Here you can edit your script's name, see when it was created, when it was last modified, and how many times it has ran.


Script editor now allows you to better manage what happens to the responses your script collects. Deliver a Report can be set to deliver results of a meeting to a channel the script is ran, to another specific private or public channel that Howdy is a member of, or via DM to a specific user.


This is the default time a meeting will accept responses from when running the meeting manually. Its value will be overidden when scheduled to be whatever you choose for the duration of your scheduled meeting.


This context sensitive window will display quick tips on various features of the script UI.

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