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About Scripts

Running a script

Scripts are the questions that will be presented to your users when running your meetings. You can train and edit your inventory of scripts directly in Slack!

Train a script

To start the training process, type:

@howdy train

Howdy will ask you to type out your script and have you say done when you're finished. After giving this set of questions a name, you will be able to run a custom meeting featuring those questions whenever you want.

Run a trained script

Run your custom script (we've called this one review) by saying:

@howdy run review @peter @katie

Howdy will deliver a report of the collected responses either in the channel, or in a DM to you, depending on where you initiated it.

You can also run a meeting on yourself! run checkin with @me

Edit your saved scripts

Message Howdy the word Scripts to see your inventory of saved scripts. You can click edit next to any of them to edit the default settings for that script. The following options are available:

  • Questions - Clicking this will bring up a slack dialog box allowing your to edit up to five questions to include in your script. Leave a question blank to omit asking that praticular question.
  • Duration - The default duration that your script will accept answers before ending the meeting. If all recipients respond before the end time, the meeting will automatically end. This can be overidden by settings in your Schedule settings Note: Meetings can be a maximum of 72 hours in duration.
  • Deliver to - The default delivery location for your meeting, which can be a public or private channel or a DM. If you do not see a specific channel on the list, make sure that you have invited Howdy to this channel, and that you have run this command from that praticular channel.
  • Run - Immediately run this meeting using the scripts default settings.
  • Schedule - Schedule your script to run automatically.
  • Done - Complete editing the script, and close the list.
  • Scripts - Return to your script list.

Manage your saved scripts

You can delete, edit, or clone any existing scripts by visiting your script's dashboard

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