List of available commands | howdy

List of available commands

Howdy will give you a list of all available commands by using the phrase:

@howdy help commands

You can also use keywords after help to refresh your memory on specific Howdy features.

Ask for help on specific features by using the syntax:

@howdy help schedule or @howdy help train.


  • whats new Ask Howdy to tell you the latest features!.
  • run Tell Howdy to run a script.
  • train Train Howdy to run a custom script.
  • schedule Schedule Howdy for recurring meetings.
  • support Submit a support request directly to the team working on Howdy.
  • feedback Send feedback directly to the folks at Howdy.
  • quitBack out of a training or schedule configuration

  • list Have Howdy show you a list of currently scheduled meetings
  • help Ask Howdy for help.
    • help commands type any of the commands after HELP for a description of using that command

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