How to run a script | howdy

How to run a script

You can tell Howdy to run a script at any time by messaging Howdy via a DM or in a channel Howdy is a member of with the command: @howdy run (script name) with (@user)

Howdy's standard meeting, checkin, asks for a basic status update from your team. To run this meeting with a few users, type: @howdy run checkin with @user1 @user2.

You can also run scripts on entire channels with the same command, using the channel names in place of the user names. @howdy run checkin with #channel

Howdy scripts can be run publicly in channels, or privately in a DM with the bot. Your report will arrive where the script was run, so if you want the answers to be delivered in private, run your script in a DM with Howdy. If you want to run a script on a private channel, first /invite @howdy to the channel and say @howdy run review with @channel publicly in the channel.

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