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Frequently asked questions

Howdy is relatively straightforward to use, but there are tips and tricks you may have to be aware of to get the most out of your Howdy meetings. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

How can I monitor the status of a running meeting?

Howdy will wait to deliver a report until all the responses are collected, but you can see who has yet to answer by visiting your DM conversation with Howdy, and finding the control card for the currently running meeting.

Checking the status will display the number of users who have yet to complete it, and a web link to view the in-progress responses. You also have the option to pre-emptively end your meeting.

How do I set myself as away?

Howdy will honor your notification away status in Slack, and not bother you when notifications are disabled.

To stop receiving notifications, enable Slack's Do Not Disturb mode by clicking the bell icon in the upper left corner of Slack.

How do I set my time zone?

Howdy uses the time zone you have set in your Slack settings to know what time zone you are located in.

If your time zone was not correct within your Slack profile when you scheduled meetings in Howdy, you need to go into your Slack settings to correct it.

You will also need to delete and re-schedule any Howdy meetings configured in the old time zone settings.

Who can view my meeting notes?

Access to viewing notes is linked to a user's access in Slack. Only users with access to the channel in which the script was initiated will be able to view and share the link.

What do I do if Howdy is offline, or acting strangely?

If Howdy appears offline or prone to error, you may need to reboot your bot.

Reboot your bot by visiting

If your problems persist, please contact support with the name of your slack team and your bot, and we will take a look!

Why can't I install Howdy on my team?

This is caused by a permission setting within Slack.

Slack allows admins users to restrict who can install and use external applications. In order to allow access to Howdy's note pages, this setting must be changed.

Click here to view the permission settings within Slack. They will look like this:

Either change this so that all users can install and use apps, or add additional people to the list of allowed users.

How much does Howdy cost?

Howdy is completely free for all teams during our beta period.

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