When will my meeting end? | howdy

When will my meeting end?

Howdy meetings will end when one of the following happens:

  • all participants have responded
  • a pre-set amount of time has past

This applies to all meetings - those scheduled using the schedule command and those run manually with the run command.

How do I change the duration of a scheduled meeting?

To change the duration on an existing scheduled meeting, visit your bot's dashboard and edit the scheduled item. You may set the duration anywhere between 15 minutes and 72 hours.

How do I set the duration of a custom meeting?

When you use Howdy's train command, the bot will ask you for a duration. This value will be used when you run a custom meeting, and will also be used as the default value when you schedule it.

15-Minute Reminders

For meetings with a duration of one hour or longer, participants who have not responded will receive a 15-minute reminder before the meeting ends.

What happens when a meeting ends?

When a Howdy bot ends a meeting, it will deliver a report containing all of the responses collected from participants. This report will be delivered into the channel in which the meeting was started.

Howdy's reports can also be viewed in the notes section of the dashboard.

Participants who did not respond will be listed at the bottom of the report.

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