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Manage scheduled meetings

Managing scheduled meetings can be done within Howdy by typing the command list and selecting the schedule you wish to manage by clicking "edit".

This will take you to your team's dashboard to edit the meeting. You can also visit the dashboard directly by visiting:

Scheduling options

  • Choose Days - Tell Howdy what days of the week this meeting should run.
  • Set Time - Tell Howdy what time of day the meeting should run.
  • Participants - Tell Howdy which team members should be included in your meeting.
  • Deliver report to - Tell Howdy where the results of the meeting should be delivered to. The destination can be either a public or private room Howdy has been invited to, or via a Direct Message to you or anyone else on your team.
  • Duration - Tell Howdy how long Howdy should wait for everyone to respond before closing the meeting and delivering results. Howdy will send a notification to your users when the meeting starts, and 15 minutes before it ends.

    Cancel your scheduled meeting

    You can delete this meeting (and any future occurrences of it running) by choosing Delete. Once the schedule has been deleted, you may delete the associated script as well if you'd like.

    Pausing your meeting

    If you need to pause your meeting, enter your dashboard directly by visiting:

    You will be presented with your list of currently available Howdy schedules and their status. Locate the meeting you will like to pause, and click the Pause link. This will disable the schedule from running automatically until you click this again. This is useful for office holidays, vacations, or anytime you want to take a break from your scheduled meeting.

    Re-enable any paused meetings by clicking "Upause all". This will restore any meeting paused by the "Pause all" click.

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